Brought up in the sport …

Clare Brownridge has been orienteering regularly since her father used to take her and brother David out into the bush each weekend to the Bendigo Orienteers local events.  Now in her early 30’s, she is teaming up with Melbourne Forest’s Dion Keech to set courses for the Australian Sprint Championships.  I have seen Clare out in the bush many times over the years, and was event advisor when she set a leg of the Melbourne Sprint Weekend in 2018.  I know that she sets courses like she orienteers, with precision and attention to detail.

JWOC Sprint Champion in 2019, although unable to defend his title in Turkey this year due to travel restrictions, Aston Key has a long-time Australian representative and World Masters gold medalist for both a mother and a father.  Aston has agreed to set courses for the Australian Schools Sprint Championships and first day of the Goldfields 3-Day.  Sprint on courses set by one of the world’s best sprint orienteers.

Sophie Taverna is still at school, but she already has a big reputation for her technical orienteering skills and her map making.  Now she is moving into setting courses too.  The Orienteering Grand Prix event on day one of the carnival will give the rest of Australia a chance to see just how well she understands our sport.  An innovative format meets an innovative young mind!

Warwick Williams


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