AOC2022 Entries + Bells and Whistles

This is just a gentle  reminder that entries close for all events of the 2022 Australian Championship Carnival on August 31st.  We know everyone is worried about Covid disruptions but there is a full refunds policy so please get your entries in. There are also a range of other parts of the carnival where you can sign up in Eventor. The extra service include the related Merchandise (aka T shirts), sportident hire (great insurance for those who live in fear that their stick will run out of puff at the wrong time) and split starts for parents and those who don’t like each other very much,. There are also three additional “events” that many will enjoy such as the carnival dinner on the Saturday night of the second weekend at a very traditional country pub at Campbells Creek located close to both Saturday and Sunday events.  There is a mapping meeting to sign up for on Thursday 29th with an IOF guest and more acronyms than you can throw a mouse at. For those staying in Victoria there are a further three races that make up the Melbourne City Race Weekend on October 8 and 9 that will be great fun (unless you are a Melbourne Victory fan). Even those who have entered the main events may have missed these extras so the details are below:

  • Request Split Start Times for Childminding – click here; closes 31 August
  • Hire a Sportident Stick – click here; closes 31 August
  • Order a Carnival T-Shirt – click here (illustration and sizing charts available); closes 31 August
  • Attend the Mapping Meeting on Thursday September 29 – click here; closes 25 September
  • Book a place at the Carnival Dinner on Sat October 1 – click here; closes 28 September
  • Enter the Melbourne City Race Weekend, October 8 and 9 – click here for more information and online entry

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